Konnections™ Online

About Us

KIDS' KONNECTIONS™ ONLINE is an award winning program that has focused on social problem solving through learning The Unwritten Rules of Friendship since 1981.  Previously presented in a group, or one-on-one situation, the children learned, discussed, role-played and made a craft about the targeted skill.  In this way hundreds of children throughout the years were able to learn the following skills (and many more):

Listen and ask questions
Initiate conversations
Deal with teasing
Deal with disappointment
Use appropriate level of responses to specific situations.
How to join-in without barging-in an established group
How to maintain self-control
How to negotiate and compromise
How to interpret body language and tone of voice
How to maintain relationships

On THE KIDS' KONNECTIONS™ ON-LINE PROGRAM, each lesson will present a pre-lesson discussion by Dr. Natalie Elman, will be followed by peers of your child acting out the "right" and "wrong" way to deal with a targeted social situation, that your child can watch as many times as necessary. Then, more instruction by Dr. Elman and finally a craft template that can be downloaded and made by your child as a reminder.  These lessons follow the same successful format that has taught so many children in the last three decades how to master social skills and become more confident.  In the privacy of your own home, your child can have, as closely replicated as possible, the award winning techniques to help them develop those needed skills.